Babel Tower, 2017, Framed

For this drawing, Penny McCarthy drew her inspiration from a sketch by Athanasius Kircher that attempts to illustrate the myth of the Tower of Babel.

The work is part of Time will darken paper, a series of work McCarthy made for the twenty first issue of ESOPUS Magazine published in Spring 2014. Through a series of painstaking drawings, the artist explored ideas of time and narratives that are embedded in archive and hand drawing. Aiming to investigate the idea of archival ‘truth’ in the context of fake news, Penny McCarthy created a picture essay replicating documents and images. “The method follows Walter Benjamin’s idea of a work composed entirely of quotations in which the elements may be moved and realigned to organise knowledge in pieces and scraps”, the artist explains. While the works may be constructed from a wide range of sources, taken together they give rise to a narrative.

Penny McCarthy, b.1960, Washington DC, works primarily with drawing and text. Her work is presented internationally in a variety of contexts: in museums and galleries, at conferences, and as live projects and publications. She is based in the UK.

Ink and pencil on paper

23.50" x 21.00"