Hi, I'm Celibate, 2016, Framed

Alice Lancaster paints cropped abstractions that speculate on the relationships between bodies and objects. Their titles are infused with a quick humour — impulsive and unapologetic. These collaged works reveal something of Lancaster’s process; a restless piecing together of elements, of overlapping textures and roughly figured space. The works resist perspective, instead offering multiple focal points and ambiguous horizons. The result is a field of shapes, colors and lines that nudge, mobilised, against one another.

Alice Lancaster, b. 1985, St Louis, is a painter who lives and works in New York. Lancaster’s work has been sought by commercial, fashion and interior designers, including a commission to design the 2016 Calvin Klein Resort collection.

Acrylic on paper

Artwork floated on archival mat board in custom Blackened Walnut frame

14.50" x 12.00"

Sorry, this piece is no longer available.