For this series of etchings titled Sittings, Bobbi Salvör Menuez rendered each portrait directly onto the copper plate using etching needles. The work was then traditionally printed using the chine-collé technique, which allows for finer details to be pulled off the plate. Created over the course of a year, the prints were made in single sittings with the subjects—all close friends of Menuez—from locations varying from a New York coffee shop to a stone bench in the Cloisters to the artist’s home. Referring to their process, Menuez notes, “Once I’ve got someone sitting for me, I feel a strange urgency, no time to sketch, to waste a moment of this stillness to paper, I always go straight to plate.”

Pictured in this print is the artist’s friend Lele whose sitting was at Landmark Coffee Shop in downtown New York.

Bobbi Salvör Menuez (b. 1993, New York City) is an intermedia artist, actor, and curator. Menuez has shown work, curated performances, and organized workshops and happenings at a wide range of spaces including MoMA, Bridget Donahue Gallery, David Lewis Gallery, Bruce High Quality Foundation, The Knockdown Center, Colette (Paris), and Breakfast Club (Tokyo). Menuez has also worked as co-founder of the Luck You Collective (2009–2013), co-founded Repro Rights Zine, and continues to work on the board and as a member of 8 Ball Community.

Edition of 9
Published by Open Corner, Printed by Katsumi Suzuki

Custom framing recommended in Natural Maple with artwork floated on archival mat board. Please see here for framing options and make a note of frame preference when checking out in the Order Comments.