Untitled, 2020

Using found materials, some of which date back as early as the 1920s, these works by Maureen Meyer are meditations on movement. Organizing and resolving ‘problems’ in composition is key to Meyer’s process as she seeks balance and harmony from an initial moment of disorder. Here, fragments from archival magazines, office or scrap paper, and discarded print materials are arranged to create new visual stories that reflect history back as familiar—though abstracted—forms. Meyer’s background in design leaves its trace via the colored gradients and sharply defined outlines; her artistry brings these graphic elements together in a gestalt of both clarity and softness. As a result, a subtle dynamic of rhythm, pause, rise, rest, and fall play out across the compositions.

Maureen Meyer, b. 1979 Rockville, CT, is a Los Angeles based artist. She works primarily with mixed media collage and painting. Meyer collages all manner of paper ephemera into delicate and complex abstract forms. Her compositions have a distinctive style and vocabulary that pivots on finding balance and order in the chaos of the materials she has gathered.

Mixed media on paper 

Custom framing recommended in Natural Maple with artwork floated on archival mat board. Please see here for framing options and make a note of frame preference when checking out in the Order Comments.