Cory Emma Siegler uses the grid as an underlying structure to create meditative visual networks out of geometry, pattern, and color. Compositions are built from simple shapes that become complex through the use of repetition, and achieve an overall unity and balance in their final form. The drawings are executed by hand from left to right and top to bottom, much like transcribing a block of text. The process is slow and meditative, and once a piece is complete it remains an object to meditate upon. The titles take a cue from concrete poetry and ascii art, and rather than attempt to assign language to the pieces, they utilize keyboard characters to mimic the optical language of the drawings themselves.

Cory Emma Siegler, b. 1986, is a visual artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She engages in a variety of media in her practice, including patchwork sewing, quilting, drawing, bookmaking and printmaking. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and institutions throughout New York, including the Brooklyn Museum, Printed Matter, Inc., and NYU’s 80WSE Gallery, and she has been an exhibitor at the NY Art Book Fair, the Odds & Ends Art Book Fair, and the Brooklyn Art Book Fair. 

Drawing ink on paper

Custom framing recommended in Oak with artwork floated on archival mat board. Please see here for framing options and make a note of frame preference when checking out in the Order Comments.

14.00" x 11.00"