Uninterrupted Dreams, 2019

This risograph edition made exclusively for Picture Room by Emma Kohlmann, draws on the artist’s familiar image of a neutralised, floating body. Using textured line work and block colors, the work shows a more graphic side to her usually soft ink and watercolour worlds. Instead, this edition recalls her punk zine and band poster-making roots, but with a new maturity, a new restraint, a new simplicity of form. Here, like Russian dolls, Kohlmann’s bodies exist in shifting scales; playing host to multiple others — containing or contained by placid faces, and docile flora and fauna.

Emma Kohlmann, b. 1989, Bronx, New York, is a Massachusetts-based artist. She has prolifically self-published work across a range of print media, and has held solo shows in the US, Canada, Denmark and Japan.

Edition of 50

Custom framing available in solid natural maple