FLT, 2021, Framed

Skylar Hughes's recent works on canvas take the structure and cycles of the seasons as a starting place from which to muse on concurrent forces that emerge in nature. With a muted, hazy palette, the artist paints to embody environmental processes. His shard-like brushwork syphons nature’s colours and textures, offering a somatic impression of how it feels to be in the field, or perhaps how it feels to be with the field. In these works, where the view shifts in and out of focus, we glimpse a tension between elements of stasis and motion, fullness and emptiness, the singular and the plural.

Skylar Hughes, b. 1986, is an artist living in Los Angeles, CA who makes paintings, objects, and collage that focus on chance, change, and nature. Hughes earned a BFA from The Hartford Art School, CT in 2009, and has held solo exhibitions at The Lodge, CA (2016, 2019), Day Space Night (2018), and the New Britain Museum of American Art, CT (2013). In 2021 Hughes began a mural and wine label design studio, Sinking Sun Studio. His work is included in numerous public and private collections.

Oil on canvas, house paint on wood
Floated in walnut frame

17.00" x 13.00"