Unfolding Act II, 2021, Framed

Fernanda Villarreal’s work explores compositive possibilities between what seem to be isolated elements; she intuitively seeks within herself to give form and structure to the outside. In her practice she studies possible visual translations; from chaos to structure, sound to visual, and figurative to abstract. The picture plane becomes a lyrical composition; simple and elegant.

Fernanda Villarreal, b. 1994, is an artist based in Monterrey, Mexico. A combination between her architectural background and intuitive exploration of geometry come together in her work. The drawings reflect unpredictable yet gentle geometric structures that reveal a rhythmic synthesis of spatial relationships. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico City and New York and has been published in Architectural Digest Mexico and MILK Decoration France.

Chalk on paper

Artwork is floated on archival mat board in custom Natural Walnut frame