3 x 3 by Sigrid Calon

We are pleased to announce a new Picture Room edition by our November Featured Artist, Sigrid Calon. A continuation of the 120 designs collected in her 2012 book To The Extend Of / \ | & -, the set of 9 prints draws from the minimal 3x3 dot system of an embroidery grid, resulting in 8 different stitch combinations. Adopting this structure digitally by transforming stitches into lines, a new set of graphic rules come into play: lines may repeat, combine, intersect, silhouette, and layer. Finally, when printed through the process of Risography, depth, gradients, and patterns appear in colors existing outside of the CMYK color sphere. For the Picture Room edition, Calon has introduced fluorescent orange and grey in addition to her previous 8-color combination. The resulting prints - made in an edition of 25 - are vibrant, playful, and rhythmic investigations of structure and experimentation.

Sigrid Calon, b. 1969, is a Dutch visual artist. She lives and works in Tilburg, Netherlands.

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Nov 19th 2015