A Night of Poetry+Performance hosted by Zoe Brezsny

Zoe Brezny hosts an evening of poetry and performance at Picture Room.

Autumn's grain is spring's seed, day and night are equal in balance, the veil is thin.

Performances by: Jessica Rae Elsaesser, Christopher Moore, Maddie Kodat, and Samson Stillwell.

Zoe Brezsny is a writer and poetry advocate from the Bay Area based in New York. Her chapbook Earthworks was published by Land and Sea Press in 2019. Brezsny plays a mix of spoken word, international pop, and Youtube black-hole songs on her weekly radio show on WFMU 91.1 FM.

Jessica Rae Elsaesser is an organism, one among many.

Maddie Kodat is a dancer, poet and artist working between New York and Chicago. His work is published or forthcoming in HOMINTERN, The Zahir Review, Window, and Ration Magazine. He has performed with BALLEZ, Ginger Krebs, and Forced into Femininity.

Christopher Moore is an artist based in San Francisco.

Samson Stilwell is a Queens based artist working in sculpture and performance. Samson has presented work at Gern en Regalia, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Commend, and Coaxial. He also runs Mole End, a project space in Ridgewood, Queens.

Oct 12th 2019