Balam Magazine: Metamorphosis Issue N5

Balam is an independent photography magazine that shows work from international emerging and established artists, many of which are from Latin America. The publication creates a space dedicated to the contemporary image based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It focus on the diffusion of artists who seek to express and show their work without borders. Beginning as a digital project in 2015, Balam is excited to launch their first print edition of the publication, “Metamorphosis Issue N5.” To celebrate the launch, they will present a series of photographs addressing the theme of “MESTIZX.”

Contributors: Ana Hahoutoff, Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina, Bill Armstrong, Camilo Fuentealba, Caroline Tompkins, Cassidy Araiza, Cecile Smetana Baudier, Daniel Shea, Fabrizio Albertini, Gustavo Di Mario, Hannah Nacif, Jose Gallego, Juan Pablo Bustamante, Lluís Tudela, Lucia von Sprecher, Martin Pisotti, Monty Kaplan, Paula Prats, Rita Puig-Serra Costa & Dani Pujalte, Samantha Cabrera Friend, Sebastian Mejia, Sol Stein, Synchrodogs.

“We are calling on ourselves to rethink the origin of this word as it intersects with the mixture of lives present today. We see individuals as mixed beings, Mestizx in blood, skin, inspiration and gender. With great pride in this mixture, we would like to ask, in what ways do you see our generation as Mestizx. If we can break the order of ethnicities and mix amongst each other, why can’t we break the order of genres and redefine the term as well?”

Apr 14th 2019