Capture by Aidan Koch

Known for her elliptical comics that emphasize tone over narrative, Aidan Koch’s work engages subtraction, silence, and space with a careful hand. Koch works directly and intuitively, allowing the compositions and narratives to form throughout her process, then adjusts accordingly. In this series of notebook sketches of Koch’s observations at various museums around the world, we are given insight into the development of her own iconography. Collecting multiple images on each page, Koch’s torn-out journal sketches have a visual language similar to that of a vintage tattoo flash sheet. Consequently, Koch has used the pages as such, hand-poking many of the drawings in this series. The sketches act almost as blueprints, or subtle inspiration, for future works, including brass sculptures, jewelry, comics, tattoos, and more. Koch opens a window into her private journals here at Picture Room.

Aidan Koch, b. 1988 Seattle, WA, is an artist and graphic novelist who lives and works in New York and California. Her solo exhibitions include those at 14A Galerie, Hamburg; Signal Gallery, Brooklyn; Open Space, Baltimore; Weekends, London; and a forthcoming show at Park View/Paul Solo in Los Angeles. She has shown work in group exhibitions at The Whitney Museum of American Art, Hester Gallery, and Company in New York; DREI, Cologne; Galerie Patrick Seguin, Paris; and more. 

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Dec 7th 2016