“Dear Diary” is an evening of readings inspired by the practice of self love. “Dear Diary” aims to connect the audience with poets from various walks of life, creating a larger safe space for different experiences and stories to be seen and heard. This reading acts as a portal for young creative minds of NYC.

The reading is hosted by Davina Diiviiniity, a black high femme queer.

Featured artists include:

Shelby Cook
A poet from NJ and based in Brooklyn. Her chapbook, UNIPORN was published in 2015 by thistlemilk press.

Jacob Bolda
A writer, teacher, performer, and decorator based in Brooklyn. They are a glade, a grange, a gable. They are miming you to you.

Karmenife X
An artist, writer, stand-up comedian and professional Dominatrix. Karmenife was born and raised in NYC and is known for her "Dommedian" style of performance where she brings her Domme work, power and Black Thot supremacism to the forefront of her comedy. Karmenife has been recognized for her "Reclamation" photo project; her memoir "Sea Salt and Sandalwood"; and her comedy. Through this work she continues to create safe spaces for survivors of sexual violence and sex workers.

Ella St. Hilaire
A nomadic sculptor, painter, and writer currently living in BK. Last year she traveled to 12 countries in 6 months to make nature-based installations. Her current fascinations are with community-activated spaces, and the ways in which words direct emotional states of mind. Her Polish and Haitian lineages are a constant source of inspiration. She writes poetry to better understand the weavings of ancestry with personal experience and modern life.

Myra Rosa
As I trek these dirty New York City streets, I pick up pieces of my existence.
I am a Puerto Rican activist from The Bronx. I am a conduit for love and I trust life. I write poetry for many reasons. To make sense of humanity. And maintain my sanity. To understand the feelings in my veins. And the thoughts inside my brain. But most of all, because it will perhaps resonate with souls as broken as I once was.
Take all the wisdom that surrounds you and absorb it. Let it be what you profess. — mr.

Davina Diiviiniity
A poet, visual, and performance artist living in Brooklyn NY. Her work combines pop music, image repetition and the divine feminine to speak to themes of gender, love, technology and nature. Her debut self published book “Into the Divine” is now available at Lulu.com

May 11th 2019