Glass Surfaces and Still Pools by Aidan Koch

To launch her latest graphic novella, 'Glass Surfaces and Still Pools,' artist Aidan Koch will read Vladimir Nabokov’s "Signs and Symbols" (1948), the short story that inspired the title of Koch’s new work, set to a series of slides and videos. Following the reading, musician Sandy Gordon will perform a Robert Singley composition on the vibraphone.
'Glass Surfaces and Still Pools' follows a woman in an empty space. It is not empty though. She is there. There are living things there. For whom does this space exist? Is it a mirror into an objective reality or into a subjective consciousness? How does the experience change from being to being? The only certainty is that all living things must die.
Known for her elliptical comics, Koch’s work has been published by Peradam, Landfill Editions, The Paris Review, Gaze Books, kuš!, and was featured in the 2014 Best American Comics anthology.

Aidan Koch, b. 1988 Seattle, WA, is an artist and graphic novelist who lives and works in New York and California. Her solo exhibitions include those at 14A Galerie, Hamburg; Signal Gallery, Brooklyn; Open Space, Baltimore; Weekends, London; and a forthcoming show at Park View/Paul Solo in Los Angeles. She has shown work in group exhibitions at The Whitney Museum of American Art, Hester Gallery, and Company in New York; DREI, Cologne; Galerie Patrick Seguin, Paris; and more. 

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Oct 15th 2015