Goblin Market by Leanne Shapton

“Look at our apples
Russet and dun,
Bob at our cherries,
Bite at our peaches,
Citrons and dates,
Grapes for the asking,
Pears red with basking,
Out in the sun,
Plums on their twigs;
Plucked them and suck them,
Pomegranates, figs,”
– Excerpt from Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti

We are excited to announce our new print edition Goblin Market by Leanne Shapton. The series of nine archival pigment prints with hand-torn deckled edges collect fruit peels, grapes, peaches, pomegranates, pears and apples. Inspired by the poem by Christina Rossetti of the same name, the series renders the richness and sensuality of the fruits with an avid vibrancy. The poem tells a story of two girls, Laura and Lizzie, who are lured by goblin merchants with fruit. Particularly relevant to the current state of our country, we see the girls stand up to coercion, joined in sisterhood. Shapton painted the fruits with the goblins and girls in mind. Exuding confidence, the compositions embody the allegory of Rossetti’s poem.

Painting commissioned works for esteemed publications, publishing autobiographical work with text and imagery, creating her own worlds and stories as we see in her book Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morries, Including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelry; Leanne Shapton’s body of work is boundless. She paints a man’s ex-girlfriends with ink in Was She Pretty? And joins Sheila Heti and Heidi Julavits for an exploration of self-expression and personal style in Women in Clothes. Taking on charged themes of womanhood with subtlety, she allows the viewer and reader to make their own connections between the social and the political.

Edition of 10
Archival pigment print on paper with deckled edge
Published by Picture Room
Signed and numbered
Printed in New York
11 x 14 inches unframed

Leanne Shapton, b. 1973, is a Canadian author, artist and publisher based in New York City. She is the co-founder, with photographer Jason Fulford, of J&L Books, an internationally- distributed not-for-profit imprint specializing in art and photography books. Shapton’s Swimming Studies won the 2012 National Book Critic’s Circle Award for autobiography, and was long listed for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2012. Her works have appeared in diverse newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, The Paris Review, and The New Yorker. Shapton was part of the 2018 Man Booker Prize jury.

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Oct 25th 2018