I Go Go Back and Forth by Marlene Frontera

I Go Go Back and Forth, a risograph book of illustrations by Marlene Frontera. Drawing inspiration from a childhood picture book in which a girl is seen next to a rippling pond that grows as the pages progress, Frontera documents the evolution of a single drawing at different stages. Working alongside Jeremy Jams and Dominic Fortunato of Soft City Printing, Frontera captures the subtle construction of an illustration, filling space with environment around her centric female character. This beautiful risograph book is an edition of 200, and was printed in Brooklyn by Soft City Printing.

Marlene Frontera, b. 1987, Philadelphia, is a visual artist and illustrator. She grew up in Puerto Rico, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Frontera has shown at Mission Comics, Marvin Gardens, Know More Games, SkyLab, and more. In 2014, Sonatina Comics published her book Santo Shoes.

Soft City Printing is a Brooklyn-based press focused on collaborating with artists to realize a body of work, by creating project ephemera, conceptual fanzines, box sets and editions. We are interested in translating ideas into risograph based works.

Nov 30th 2016