Intra Phenom Live Presence at Picture Room

Picture Room welcomes Intra Phenom, an ongoing New York-based performance series, to host the third installment of their 2016 program here on Mulberry Street. Organized by multidisciplinary artist Kayla Guthrie, Intra Phenom highlights female-identified artists in live genres including reading, movement, sound and song. Previously it has been hosted at venues and galleries that include Small Editions, The Sump, and Signal Gallery. The event will feature poet and performance artist Giovanna Olmos, NYC-based musician Seashell Coker (performing under her moniker Baby Perrier), and innovative Baltimore rapper Grey Dolf.

Grey Dolf is a musician from and currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. A refreshing and driving force in the downtown Baltimore music scene, Grey Dolf (born Brayaira Simms) can't be confined to one genre. Her new project "Whats Yor Eternity," recently released on Bandcamp, explores themes of spirituality and the unknown. Using an experimental vocal style that ranges from rapping to soft incantations, Grey Dolf layers the lyrics over murky, collage-like tracks made by herself and local producer Nyoka Ny-ed.

Giovanna Olmos lives and works in NYC. She has performed and exhibited work with Rhizome, Moderna Museet, 89 Plus, White Columns, MoMA, Garage Magazine, and Gazelli Art House. She has curated events including "Not Fleshy Enough" at Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, "89+ Poetry Will be Made By All!" at Moderna Museet, Stockholm, and "Bublé Trouble" at Kimberly Klark, Brooklyn. She is a recent graduate of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU.

Seashell Coker is a multimedia artist (primarily musician) based in New York City. Her bedroom pop project, BABY PERRIER, has been described as "the backing track to a magical fairy's journey wandering through an enchanted forest". She's never attended art school and spends her spare time sleeping

Mar 31st 2016