Josh Irwin-Salinas will be sharing recent short stories, play found recordings and create conversations with the audience. Josh will be focusing on reading recent work of his that is about getting older, the in-betweens of becoming the person he always dreamed of being, as well as the person he was afraid to become. Through his recent stories, Josh is interested in sharing moments of disappointment, pleasant surprises and remembering why he started to make work in the first place. In between stories, there will be brief, intermittent discussions between the author and the audience. Josh asks that if you are planning on attending, to please bring your journal with you or have the notes on your phone handy.

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Joshua Irwin-Salinas is an American writer and salesperson based in NYC. Irwin-Salinas’ writing is about himself, the people around him, and the Internet. He completed an MFA in Fiction at Rutgers-Newark in 2019 and he shares his work on Instagram @joshirwinsalinas and on LinkedIn. 

Aug 24th 2019