Repro Rights Zine Artist Edition Launch

Artists and activists India Menuez, Layla Alter, and Emma Holland have designed a free informational zine on reproductive rights. Available online as a PDF so that you can print it right at home, the one-sheet, foldable zine aims to be accessible and inclusive. Providing information relevant to cis, trans, and non-binary folks, the zine aims to empower concerned Americans with a better knowledge of their reproductive health choices.

Repro Rights Zine will be launching a risograph limited edition exclusive to Picture Room featuring seven variations, each with a different artist’s work printed on the back of the zine. They can be displayed as posters, or folded into the zine. Proceeds will be donated to Center for Reproductive Rights. Zines without the artist edition print on the back will be available for free. The Repro Rights Zine team will be providing a tutorial on how to fold the zine at the event.

The seven artists featured on the risograph-edition are Ser Serpas, Meriem Bennani, Petra Collins, Aidan Koch, Raina Hamner, Lola Ogbara, and Alia Penner.

Layla Alter, b. 1993, works at and The Wing. She recently launched her own jewelry line, Milagros.

Bobbi Menuez, b. 1993, is a New York-based activist, actress, and artist. Menuez organizes and curates art shows, workshops, and happenings.

Emma Holland, b. 1994, studied politics and public health in college. She currently works at The Wing.

Feb 18th 2017