Series Archive: Performance and Book Launch

Series Archive is an ongoing new media craft project by Nicole Cooke, manifested through performance, installation, clothing design, and printed matter. The accompanying publication, The Series 1 Review, serves as record of the performance works and clothing objects completed within Series 1. Please join us at Picture Room for the launch of The Series 1 Review, where Cooke will present a live musical interpretation of the publication's content via an online sampler designed by Cooke and developed by collaborator, Zoë Ingram. A selection of the clothing will be on display, and The Series 1 Review will be available for purchase.

Nicole Cooke is a performance and new media artist based out of Los Angeles. S/he is interested in the exploration of clothing as a medium in art making. Cooke designs and utilizes “clothing objects” as central players to larger performance works. These clothing objects may have tactile or conceptual functionality, depending on the role they play in performance. S/he is invested in the shape-shifting capacity of clothing to lend itself - depending on its application - to costume, wearable art, fashion or functionality. This inherent fluidity is the founding of Cooke’s project Series Archive.

Zoë Ingram is an artist and programmer based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Mar 23rd 2018