Sittings by Bobbi Salvör Menuez

A new collection of etchings by India Salvör Menuez. Published by Open Corner and printed by Katsumi Suzuki, the prints were each made in single sittings, where Menuez drew their subject directly onto the copper plate using etching needles– those “twisted rods of metal, sharp on both ends, a gorgeous weapon” (India Salvör Menuez). Each print was then traditionally printed using the chine-collé technique. The portraits, all made in 2017, capture an immediate intimacy between Menuez and their close friends. Citing various locations, such as Landmark on Lafayette, a stone bench in the Cloisters, a lake house in Maine as the setting for these sittings, Menuez strips away the environment surrounding the figures to reveal the direct relationship between subject and artist. Please join us for an opening reception on February 16 to celebrate Menuez’s first solo exhibition.



Bobbi Salvör Menuez, b. 1993, New York, is an intermedia artist, actor, and curator. Menuez has shown work, curated performances, and organized workshops and happenings at a wide range of spaces including MoMA, Bridget Donahue Gallery, David Lewis Gallery, Bruce High Quality Foundation, The Knockdown Center, Colette (Paris), and Breakfast Club (Tokyo). Menuez has also worked as co-founder of the Luck You Collective (2009–2013), co-founded Repro Rights Zine, and continues to work on the board and as a member of 8 Ball Community.

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Mar 18th 2018