Snake On Your Path by Anthony Cudahy

Supported by Ink Brick, Anthony Cudahy’s new publication Snake On Your Path is a 32-page risograph zine and “a meditation on the creator's partner's fight with cancer. A moving reflection on uncertainty, fear, faith, art, and love.” (Ink Brick) Bridget Collins, a musician working across multiple disciplines, will be performing at the launch. Cudahy recently released a music video for her song What’s a Moon to Do? from Collins’ new project Absolutely Yours. The video will be projected for the duration of the event.

Anthony Cudahy is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He received his BFA in 2011 from Pratt Institute, and co-curates a publishing project named Slow Youth. His work has appeared in shows across the United States and the UK. In 2016, he exhibited a body of paintings entitled NARSOLIPS at Cooler Gallery in Brooklyn and has recently shown at Farewell Books (Austin, TX) and Mumbo's Outfit (Manhattan, NY). He has been in group shows at Hap Gallery, Deli Gallery, ATHICA, the Nancy Margolis Gallery, Vox Populi, the Perfect Nothing Catalog, and the Knockdown Center. His work has also been featured and reviewed in publications including Mossless, the Paris Review, Hello Mr., Marco Polo Quarterly, and Cakeboy. He is a former resident of the Artha Project.

Bridget Collins is a Brooklyn-based artist working in multiple mediums. She recently released an album, Princess Plum, with the band Absolutely Yours.

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Feb 24th 2017