Unpopular Mysticism on the Internet by Ashley D'Arcy

The launch of (Un)Popular Mysticism on the Internet by Ashley D'Arcy, designed by Luiza Dale and published by Platform Editions.

(Un)Popular Mysticism on the Internet by Ashley D'Arcy is a text compiled from notes for a lecture given at Theorizing the Web 2018, discussing the resurgence of mystical thought online, and why particular strains of mysticism are still being ignored.

To celebrate the launch, interdisciplinary artist, intuitive, and community organizer Grace Kredell will lead a guided synchronicity ritual. Kredell will bring the room together with a guided meditation, opening us up to synchronistic experiences offline and online.

Ashley D’Arcy is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn whose has been featured by Prelude Magazine, Dark Fucking Wizard, and Western Beefs. She is a Contributing Editor of Poetry for Newest York, and is the author of two chapbooks, early poems (Grey Book Press, 2015) and The Animus Speaks (Aventures, Ltd., 2017).

Grace Kredell is trained in energy healing, clairvoyance, ritual magic, astrology, past life regression, and most recently attended a "mediumship bootcamp" in Lily Dale, New York. As a committed mystic and artist, Kredell’s practice utilizes multimedia approaches to engage with the power of active imagination.

Sep 15th 2018