Vela, Washington DC

Picture Room curated a collection of more than 50 works for Vela, a luxury residence in Washington DC.

 The atrium lobby features an expansive woodblock seascape by Stefan Osnowski and two large-scale oil paintings by artist Skylar Hughes alongside a series of abstract aquatints by Anne Appleby.

On the 10th floor, a largescale commissioned painting on canvas by Sarah Duby overlooks the Clubroom.

The collection spans works by 17 artists, including Lynn Alleva Lilley, Anne Appleby, Daniel Dorsa, Sarah Duby, Shanique Emelife, Linnéa Gad, Blanca Guerrero, Skylar Hughes, Caroline Z. Hurley, Amanda Jasnowski Pascual, GJ Kimsunken, Na Mira, Stefan Osnowski, Nate Palmer, Donovan Smallwood, Landon Speers, and Bahar Yurukoglu.

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Photo credit: Lynn Alleva Lilley

Dec 14th 2023